Sax-Chamber Orchestra

Founded in 1986, the Sax-Chamber Orchestra was one of the first ensembles comprised of only saxophones in the country. The formation of this group by Dr. Lawrence Gwozdz led to large-scale works being written by notable composers such as Walter Hartley, Stephen Dankner, Mark Allen Taggart, and Carl Anton Wirth. Over the years the orchestra gave performances at various universities, the 2003 World Saxophone Congress, and at Captiol Hill in Washington, D.C. Dr. Gwozdz’s passion for molding the modern day saxophone orchestra has helped create one of the most dynamic and colorful ensemble types in music.


In 2016, I was given the opportunity to become the director of the USM Sax-Chamber Orchestra. In this position it is my intention to allow students to become self-creating and self-thinking musicians. By performing challenging music written for this ensemble type or large orchestral transcriptions, the Sax-Chamber Orchestra’s obligation is to provide listeners with a wide array of dynamics and colors, all of which come from the 11 saxophones in the group.

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